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Peace, Security, and the Rule of Law

Aktualisiert: 15. Juni

Tout court, it has been increasingly difficult to share a globalist perspective on topics, that are closely intertwined with stately Domaine Reservé. Transnational ramifications for consumers in times of excessive risk in markets have lately been ubiquitous in the face of staggering inflation. In order to obtain vital yield, investors are delving into private markets to acquire even riskier, ie unregulated, assets. A figurative hail mary along the lines of ESG compliant green investments and all things anti-russian has yet to grant absolution to those who have wreaked market-related havoc in the past decade globally. Rather, now, the final hour seems neigh and the economic curtain call is, yet again, upon us.

One, peace in all its fragility is not to be taken for granted. This lesson has been arduously taught to us by the latest series of armed conflicts, that found its sad climax in the Ukraine war. A Multilateral system of sovereign equality hinges on coercive powers, that must be granted to Global Statehood.

Two, security is the pivot to peaceful relations within and between nations. Therefore, illicit financing methods must be intricately sanctioned by virtue of vigorous AML / KYC regimes. Market mechanisms in general and securities law in concreto are vital instruments to sustain overall equilibrium, not only economically.

Three, law is the utmost rule of human interaction. As a common denominator, it has to be homogeneous and upheld at any cost. Norms are the basis for order in human society, regardless, of political system or ideology. Constitutional checks and balances are what saves us from authoritarian suppression as harbinger of dictatorial doom.

We feel strongly about United States of Europe, overcoming this energy crisis and rising like a phoenix from the ashes of extraterritorially induced friction on the inside.


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