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Our organisational culture: how we work, and why it matters

An organisation’s structure and approach to management is an integral component to how it functions and its overall success. Organisational culture – the shared values and beliefs that inform and guide an organisation’s behaviour and interactions. Essentially, it’s how leaders cultivate practices and behaviours within an organisation, and how these practices and behaviours contribute to performance. Organisational culture (also known as corporate culture) influences employee engagement, productivity, retaining talent and innovative ideas and processes. 

A strong and positive organisational culture is important for attracting and retaining talent. Of the two established classifications of organisational culture – Competing Values Framework and The Leader’s Guide to Corporate Culture – the Competing Values Framework is the most well-known. It has four types of culture, with each having its own benefits and weaknesses. Clan culture focuses on a horizontal power structure, with companies taking a family approach to management. Adhocracy culture prioritises organic decision-making, adaptability and innovation. Market culture puts a strong emphasis on competition and producing results. Hierarchy culture is characterised by top-down leadership, methodical decision making and stability.  

Finding the right type of culture to match an organisation’s vision is integral to success and workflow. Combining elements from each style has enabled us to establish an organisational culture that matches our company's vision and goals. Incorporating aspects of clan culture means that we remain true to our roots as a family company and embrace collaborative work models. Adhocracy culture speaks to our desire to support innovative processes and technologies and enables us to adapt to changes in the industries we invest in. Our hybrid office structure combines the best of in-person and remote work models. A culture of curiosity drives our learning journey as a company, staying up-to-date on global trends and emerging ideas.

Ghazan Global's organisational culture is a reflection of our commitment to an equitable and sustainable world. We will continue to support companies, ideas and practices that will make that vision a reality.

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