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2023: a year in review

2023 was an eventful year for Ghazan Global. As we ring in 2024 and look forward to what it holds, it is also time to look back at the year that was. From our offices in Linz and Vienna, we expanded our global reach in 2023, with new investments to our portfolio, new networks and successes.

New Investments. We are proud to have added two dynamic companies to our investment portfolio. CO2BioClean is a startup based in Eschborn, Germany. Founded in 2019, CO2BioClean has developed a process to convert carbon emissions into biopolymers. Our second investment choice 2023 was Addepar. Based in California, USA, Addepar is a wealth management platform that leverages digital technologies to improve investments and financial services. Although CO2BioClean and Addepar operate in different sectors, they align with our investment areas of sustainability, digitalisation and virtualisation. Additionally, they fulfill our vision of an equitable, sustainable systems that work towards a better future. We are very proud of the latest members of our investment family, and we look forward to their continued growth and success in the new year. 

Increased global presence. In 2023, Ghazan Global attended summits and workshops in Zimbabwe and Austria. The Transform Africa Summit in April 2023 convened over 4,000 delegates from 91 countries to accelerate Africa’s digital growth and transformation. Under the themes of Connect, Innovate and Transform, the Summit covered panel discussions and agreements on digital trade and markets, data protection, e-governance and continental cooperation. The Summit was a wonderful opportunity for us to connect with different stakeholders and learn more about digital transformation in Africa.

We also attended Salzburg Global Seminar’s Finance Forum, an annual gathering of experts and analysts from the finance sector. The 2023 convening focused on global turbulence and financial resilience in the wake of shocks to the global financial system. We gained a deeper understanding of the global financial system and our position in its networks through engaging with key thinkers and leaders from different financial institutions. We look forward to attending future events, connecting with people from different sectors, and contributing our own insights and experience to crucial conversations. 

Successes from our investments. In 2023, our investment portfolio produced wonderful results and achievements. CO2BioClean was a finalist for the 2023 Hessian Founders Award. In its ongoing lawsuit with the US Securities and Exchange Commission, a judge ruled that Ripple’s XRP is not a security. Uphold announced that it would be the official sleeve partner for Burnley Football Club. Tealium launched integration capabilities with Amazon Ads. Plastrans got a new name, from Plastrans Petrochemicals to Plastrans Technologies GmbH. Linqto reached 500 000 users on its platform.

We happily look back at 2023 and what we achieved. With the dawn of the new year, we remain committed to our vision of transforming global supply chains, supporting innovative ideas and technologies, and championing a better future for all.

Happy New Year! Frohes Neues Jahr!

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