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A Great Reset

Let me introduce you to my humble approach of elucidating upon contemporary issues and their resolution. With confidence I want to state that humankind's brightest minds have grafted a system that fosters inclusiveness by democratizing processes that have been formerly reserved to a few. Suffice it to say, that over time my delineations shall become more intricate and this is merely to be considered a sneak peak.

Succinctly, international supply chains are one of the first elements within the realm of global commerce that are experiencing epochal change by virtue of the FinTech revolution. Underlying concepts such as blockchain fundamentally reduce friction in risk assessment by providing transparency to opaque mechanisms, thus, alleviating tension between contracting parties who depend on assessment of external factors that can frequently not be assessed adequately in-house.

Precisely, FinTechs leveraging the transparency and speed of blockchain-based real time gross settlement for operations management in physical trade in combination with enabling customers to integrate the FinTechs' services into their business information system via APIs, can truly be a paradigm shift in terms of lean structures. Mostly, because accreting transparency incentivizes companies to keep internal processes lean and data processing clean in order to profit from these technological advancements.

Relating thereto, CBDCs can lead the way in previously bespoke scenario, since, mass-adoption in international trad

e may presumably be contingent upon digitized national currencies rather than cryptocurrencies - notwithstanding the pertinent projects being taken into account by central banks when stipulating suitable infrastructure for CBDCs. While, on the one hand, wholesale CBDCs might cater myriad advantages to corporations, on the other hand,

retail CBDCs offer solutions for consumers. The latter can for instance be registered by their home state's central bank in order to gain access to financial markets through a digital wallet i.e. central bank account. Ultimately, in the base scenario, all of the world's population has a registered account where they can access funds such as welfare or even a universal income for staples and shelter. Therefore, conclusively, FinTech ushers in a new era of financial inclusion by increasing transparency and efficiency for each and every one of us.

Welcome to the future.

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